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Beginning the Adventure

Greettings to you,

Please join me on the adventure. This is the new home for learning the way of the servant warrior. It is a journey which has no end. While I use Servant Warrior as an alias in many places, it is an ideal toward which I am constantly striving. This site is a work in progress, as I am a work in progress. It is my intention to update and add to the site as I have time. For now, I thought this would be a much nicer first post than the default post that is generated when WordPress is first installed.

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Training, Musings, ETC

It’s been a considerable time since I posted last. Andrea and I eventually restarted the Les Mills Combat fitness program in late January. We loved the results so much, we decided to do the 60-day program again. The workouts are tough, but I feel really good afterward. the conditioning has helped me with my kicks especially. This is good because my kicks are one of the areas where my martial arts performance has the most room for improvement.

Andrea and I are testing for our 3rd Degree Black Belts with Soke-Kyoshi Scot Conway over the course of the next month. I cannot adequately express how honored I am to be allowed this opportunity. 3rd Dan is the highest rank available in the 3 core curriculums taught at Guardian Quest Martial Arts. For either of us to progress in rank beyond this, we must progress further in Guardian Kempo, the art from which the other 3 flow.

In addition to our Guardian training, Andrea and I have been studying with Sensei Mario Schapp at the San Diego Blind Community Center. He has been teaching us Tekio Jutsu, a specialized curriculum under the umbrella of the ChunJiDo organization. He has also been teaching the two of us Gracie Jiu Jitsu at the Gracie Academy in Solana Beach.

I am privileged to have a partner in my training. Andrea and I started training with Soke Conway about five months after we were married in mid-2005. I have had the honor to meet several black belts and masters in the years since. For some of them, their spouses failed to value martial arts as much as they did. A few even treated training like another woman. In an extreme case, a high ranking black belt, who was likely to inherit the leadership of an entire art, was given an ultimatum, his wife or martial arts. I have never had to make this choice because Andrea values training as much as I do. She doesn’t just understand that training is important to me, she trains herself, and she holds all the same martial arts ranks I do. I couldn’t ask for a better treasure than having my wife as a training partner. What ever challenges the two of us may have in our relationship, deciding whether or not to train is unlikely to be one of them.